Thank YOU! 

Thank you for participating in the 2014 John Hughes Big Walk. Over 3,500 of you walked and collectively we've raised over $168,000 with more donations coming in.  A great effort!

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Fundraising Winners

Congratulations to our winners

Highest Individual Fundraiser:

  • Victoria Fitzgerald raised over $24,000 and wins a Springfree Trampoline

Highest Team Fundraiser:

  • Steps for Stessy raised $25,000 and wina $500 Caltex Star Mart voucher and $500 Sports Fever voucher

Largest Team:

  • Team IMON with 214 members win $500 Caltext Star Mart voucher and take possession of the coveted trophy for the next year.

Team IMON have won largest team eight times in the past 13 years. Well done!

Major Prize Draw Winners


Winner of the Engel portable fridge-freezer:  Rachel Pemberton

Winner of $500 Sports Fever voucher: Cheryle Kellett

Winner of $1000 Caltex Star Mart voucher:  Kylie Culloten

Winner of the John Hughes Mitsubishi Mirage:  Sarah Robinson

  • John Hughes offered a $500 fuel voucher to the winner if they were present - Sarah's sister-in-law stepped up and said Sarah had to work so missed the walk and the crowd agreed to include the $500 fuel voucher. Lucky Sarah has nice in-laws!  

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1083 heroes fundraising today.

Top Fundraisers

Victoria Fitzgerald $25,243.70 AUD
J Clarke $23,000.00 AUD
Andre Della Franca $16,687.20 AUD
Jasmine Wendt $14,070.05 AUD
Debra Butler $9,230.55 AUD



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